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Ledger of The Unbroken

Maintained and Edited by Nethan Montari.

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Di’oq Flamequencher
Elessar Arcamenel
Fehl Pangolin
Varan Nilotes

Why does this exist?

The purpose of this ledger is to keep track of the information gathered by the group of Adepts consisting of the above Namegivers as we travel about Throal. It is separate from our personal journals, as it is a living document that we use to keep track of the many places, peoples and situations we have found ourselves in since our impromptu formation after escaping from Theran Slavers.

What has occurred thus far

A group of slavers, lead by the Theran Ork Content Not Found: ska, was transporting us to a terrible fate when we escaped, overpowered our captors, and made our way to Cara Fahd as the first leg of our journey to get back to our respective homes. Once there, we gave the Orks of Cara Fahd information regarding other Theran Slavers moving through their territory, in an effort to free other adepts from the fate that awaited us.

As luck would have it, Cara Fahd was having problems of its own, with two major Ork Clans, the Dancing Tiger clan and the Burning Tooth clan ready to go to war. We were contracted to escort a Diplomat, Content Not Found: perlag_ to the city of Dunhold to try and mediate a peace between the two clans. On the way, we are to be guided by a hunter, _Content Not Found: lurna, who will bring us part of the way there on his way to get married.

Once at Lurna’s destination, we were attacked by Assassins who attempted to kill Perlag. We saved Perlag and captured the Assassin, but the Assassin managed to escape, and with him, Lurna’s bride to be. We tracked down the Assassins, rescued Lurna’s fiancee, and killed all of the assassins and taking all of their things, in true Adept fashion.

We finally made our way to Dunhold, set up shop in a keep converted into an inn, and began looking for opportunities to gain training, make money, and apparently start a riot or two, until the two warring clans arrived to begin negotiations. With talks ongoing, the assassins that attacked us before have reared their ugly, hooded heads once more, and this time, they’ve brought a Nethermancer.

Having defeated the Assassins in Dunhold, the warring tribes have decided to set aside their differences for the moment and send us on an expedition to ferret out the Assassins and their beast. As they are funding the expedition, this is the list of items we have requested so far:

Party Wishlist

Important Places in Barsaive


  • Bartertown

Cara Fahd



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