That sword you found...

While raiding the fallen Kaer of the assassin cult (from now on referred to as the Hall of the Crimson King…) the group found a broadsword in the middle of pile of corpses. Usually this would not rate comment but there were a feeling of… Menace in the sword, as if something not entirely benign lurked in it’s metal depths. An Item History test was done on the damn thing and revealed the following:

The Sword Banishment.

The blade is very good steel about 32 inches long, with a hand and a half hilt wrapped in leather. The pommel and crossguard seem to be brass. It is plain and unadorned.

Maximum Threads: 2
7 Thread Ranks
Has Deeds
You must learn this Sword’s name.

Thread Rank 1: You must learn this sword’s name.

Additional notes: Seraph attempted communication with the sword and received a rush of images and a sense of confusion.

That sword you found...

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