Description: A middle aged, somewhat slender dapper Orc with a dry wit.

(Cha)First Impression
(Wil)Animal Handling
(Dex)Avoid Blow
(Per) K: Cara Fahd
(Per) K: Orc Tribes
(Per) K: Barsaive History
(Wil) Resist Taunt

Perlag is a diplomat who is used to iron out problems and head off intertribal wars within Cara Fahd. He was born in Thoral but came south to Cara Fadh to be part of creating a homeland for his people. He was snapped up by the emerging government due to his ability to keep himself alive and keep other people from killing each other. His job is to keep Cara Fadh from exploding into civil war and he’s rather pragmatic as to the how. For example blaming the assassin cult that the party is in conflict with for the murders that put two tribes on the edge of open warfare before he actually had evidence for it one way or another.

The party was hired (with the payment of 9 horses and 3 weeks of supplies for 12 people) to escort him north and keep him safe.

He was stabbed by a poisoned knife by an orcish assassin, although Nethan saved him in time to keep him alive. One could say that the Party’s success was somewhat mixed. The Party did rack up a more impressive record in Dunhold, mainly by keeping 2 people on his tail at all times while the rest of the group acted as Perlag’s legbreakers. Perlag convinced the city and the tribes to pay for the expedition to find the Assassins secret stronghold.

Nethan’s Notes
Something is bothering me about this diplomat, but I’m not sure what it is. Aside from [REDACTED], his knowledge and training are well suited to this line of work, at least judging from his track record. He just doesn’t seem like [REDACTED].

It should be noted that I failed to keep him in my line of sight when he was attacked, and my worrying about that kept me from thinking clearly enough to post a guard on his attacker. I should have known [REDACTED]. It doesn’t matter now. He’s alive for the moment, and we should be able to get him to complete his job. I like where his head’s at though, his backup plan isn’t bad…


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