Description: A Tall, handsome orc… If you’re into orcs.


(Cha) Animal Handling
(Dex) Melee
(Dex) Hunting
(Per) Map Making
(Dex) Missile Weapon
(Cha) A: Sing
(Per) Wilderness Survival
(Dex) Silent Walk
(Dex) Fishing
(Per) Navigation
L: Ork
L: Dwarf

Lurna cannot read or write.

Lurna is a skilled hunter who has been hired by various groups to hunt to provide meat. Because of this for a tribal orc who can’t read he’s fairly wealthy and connected. His father called him home for a political marriage for the benefit of the tribe (his bride is from another tribe). He’s been married twice so far, both times to human women. His first wife, he ran away from home to marry and was very happy with her. However after a bad winter, she took ill and died. Lurna mourned and afterward married another human women, who ran away with a river boat captain. After that Lurna returned home and has been working on mending bridges with his Father, which is why he agreed to the marriage.

He played guide for the party in a journey only to find for his troubles that his fiancee had been kidnapped. The party was able to recuse her and find a chest of jewels in the bargin. So it all worked out well.

Nethan’s Notes:
A skilled tracker who spent some time alone in the woods with our Troubadour. Can’t be certain as to why, but nothing seemed untoward when he returned. Arranging entertainment for the wedding perhaps, or maybe the bachelor party. His fiancee was kidnapped by unknown assassins, only to be rescued by myself in a daring raid, one with high personal cost. Depending on how the marriage works out, this will either make us allies or enemies. Only time will tell.


Earthdawn: Down the River frigid