Enduring Hope

The Fallen Kaer of Enduring Hope

This Kaer is apparently the home of a group of horror touched assassins who are attempting to incite a war in Cara Fahd.

Recovered Histories

The Mural History of Enduring Hope

(as copied down by Nethan et. al.)

The Murals are of the coming of the Crimson King, aka the Crownless that again will be King. They show a group of men going out to investigate an attack. They find nothing but a glowing crown settles on one (it’s made clear that the others can’t see). Once inside the Kaer, the ork with the glowing crown is shown becoming a leader and gaining a rabid following. He changes as well becoming taller, heftier on the 3rd mural he’s seated on a throne, wearing crimson. People are dragged in front of him in chains. They are shown changing in great pain. In the Fouth Mural he is shown beseiging a large building with men in robes holding it against him. Magic is shown. The murals grow more disturbing as the changed people (who look beastly or enlongated now) are enslaved to serve the Crimson King and his followers. Life in the Kear becomes more and more deranged and insane, the Crimson King leads them into corruption and pain. They open the Kaer and the horrors are welcomed like a liberating army. The Murals take on a lesser quality, as if made in a hurry and in secret. The Horrors are shown preying on their worshippers who often submit in joy. The Crimson King is shown being moody and angry, he doesn’t like sharing. He attacks the other horrors and those who submit to them. He ends up leaving, his worshippers shown clawing at the edge of his now tattered robe and weeping. Horrors in the background are laughing. A running battle, the last ones hole up in the citadel, leaving the changed ones outside who are shown worming into the cracks, there are two kinds, small, spidery ones wearing the skins of dead orcs. And large goatish looking ones. The Horrors are shown dancing around the fortress, doing awful unspeakable things to each other. Inside, the survivors watch, pray to a red crown and wait. The Horrors leave, the survivors emerge and begin hunting the goat people. They are all orks and wear black moving perfectly in the darkness.

The last mural is black expect for countless eyes staring out.

1st Mural, written hastly under it: We did not know, we did not know
2nd Mural: Run! Escape! We cannot get out! We cannot get out!
3rd Mural: He changed our flesh. He marked us. He chained us.
4th Mural: Passions have mercy on our poor children.
5th Mural: Most of them died for opening the gates. We suffered.
6th Mural: We draw the what was and what is now. We are dead.
7th Mural: We are dead, only skins. We see much. We draw.
8th Mural: He leaves, dancing we had joy, suffering ends! Stupid.
9th Mural: They left us outside to die, but we are already dead! Only skins!
10th Mural: We are dead, we belong in the earth, the earth welcomes us, protects us.
11th Mural: They say we are death, but we are the dead. Death is nothing to the Dead.
12th Mural: We are dead, only skins. We see, draw what was, what is.

Books Recovered from the Kaer

Dynasties of Cara Fahd
When the Chains Broke
Tales of the Passions

Enduring Hope

Earthdawn: Down the River Hotfoot