Nethan's Mount/Beast of Burden


Lyda is Nethan’s mount, obtained in Dunhold in Cara Fahd as part of an acquisition for an expedition into the jungles.

Dex: 6 Str: 8 Tou: 7 Per: 4 Wil: 6 Cha: 4
Physical Defense: 9 Spell Defense: 8 Social Defense: 7
Phyiscal Armor: 4 Mystical Armor: 3 Knockdown: 12
Initiative: 8 Movement: 8 Wound Threshold: 10
Unconsciousness: 31 Death Rating: 38 Recovery: 2
Attacks: 10 Damage: Beak: 13

Climbing: 10
Awareness: 8
Enchanced Senses Sight (2)
Great Leap: 6
Resist Pain: 2

  • Easy to train, an Animal Training tests against Huttawa require only a poor result to be successful.

Group Kitty:
5,890 Gold
2034 Silver
9 Copper

4 pouches filled with small lead pots with lids sealed in wax, some whetstones and all together 11 silver chunks.
3 Potentially Pre-Scourge Books from the Ork Kaer
Stone Dagger
Emerald Broach set in gold
Gold and Sapphire necklace
Tactical Uses of Magic Vol. 1
Pre-Fall Brandy
5 Solid Gold Animal Figurines (High Quality)
2 Gold Candlesticks
60 Emeralds
60 Sapphires
3 Elemental Fire Coins
Surgical Kit (Varan grabbed)
Gold, Emerald, Sapphire Brooch, blue flames in gold with a green eye.
Five Esparga Cloaks
Esparga Boots
Emerald Necklace
Emerald Belt
Assassin Love Notes
Assassin Journals (Various)
Emerald embedded earrings
Scientific Journals
“Reverse Telescope” and Slides


Earthdawn: Down the River Hotfoot