Varan Nilotes


Name: Varan Nilotes (Build Info)

Discipline: Wizard (Mind, albeit [ancient]Epicurian rather than [ancient]Platonist)

Description: Green scales (countershaded with the ventral scales being a much paler shade, yellow eyes. Dorsal fringe is red. Wears a brown robe with an open front, embroidered in green leafy patterns with yellow trim.

Passion: Worships both Jaspree and Lochost in equal measure

Dex 13 6
Str 10 5
Tou 13 6
Per 20 8
Wil 19 8
Cha 11 5

Initiative 6-1
Physical Defense 9
Mystic Defense 14
Social Defense 8
Carrying Capacity 80
Uncon rating 41
Death Rating 48 12
strain Damage:
Wound TH 9 1
Recovery Tests Per Day 3
Max Karma:24
Current Karma: 6
Legend Points: 20450
New LP: 7500 +4000+5000+7000+7000+15000+
Spent: Thread 300, Thread 300, 3400×5 (brings every discipline talent [except tenacious weave and pattern craft] from 6 to 7), 1000 to level up spell matrices to 2. Astral Interference gets raised from 0 to 6 (5200 LP)
2100×2 for spell matrices 5-6, 1300×2 for spell matrices 2-4, 4200 and 2100 to increase willpower and perception by 3,
(intended: LP for increasing group thread spellcasting and threadweaving to 4 each: 500+800+1300=2600×2)
Remaining for spells and other things: 4200 LP
going straight into Willforce.
1200 remaining + 3000
Willforce from 4 to 5 to 6. 800 remaining
Thread rank 2 willforce 2—800 used
New LP:26000
Willforce to 7 (3400)
Spellcasting to 8 (5500)
Enhanced Matrix to 6(3400)
Standard Matrix to 6 (3400)
Awareness to 6 (4200)
6100 remaining
Medicine to 4(1300)
Avoid Blow to 4(1300)
-300 on wand thread rank 1
800 for willforce thread rank 3
2400 remaining
800 for threadweaving thread to rank 3
1600 remaining
new LP: 8000+5000+6000

Movement 12
Mystic Armor 4
Physical Armor 5(10 from air armor)

Steel Thought 7 15 (+4 with Energy Shield)
Willforce 7 (10 thread)
Tenacious Weave 7 15
Astral Sight 7 15
Dispel Magic 7 15
Patterncraft 7 15
Spellcasting 8 16 (20 thread, 22 wand)
Threadweaving 7 15 (18 thread)
Research 5 13
Awareness 6 14
Creature Analysis 2 10
Book Memory 2 10
Standard Matrix 6
Standard Matrix(free) 6
Enhanced Matrix (free) 6
Enhanced Matrix 6

Abilities from Discline/Circle:
Durability 3 (accounted)
Add 1 to mystic defense (accounted)
May spend karma for information recall
Add 1 to social defense (accounted)
For 1 strain, gain +5 to thread weaving test to reattune on the fly if reading grimoirce
May spend 1 karma to change a Self spell to a Touch spell

Knowlwdge(physician) 4 12
Alchemy and Potions 2 10
Manuscript Illumination 1 6
Speak Language 2 (Tskrang Throlic, orcish)
Read/Write Language 2 (Tskrang Throlic, orcish)
Creatures of Barsaive 3 11
History of Barsaive 2 10
Avoid Blow 4 10 (+4 with Energy Shield)
Climbing 1 6

Initial Spells
Rank 1: Astral Sense, Divine Aura, Mage Armor, Mind Dagger, Wall Walker, Flame Flash,
Rank 2: Astral Shield

Obtained Spells:
Bedazzeling Display of Logical Analysis
Rank 2: Crushing Will
Rank 3: Identify Magic, Aura Strike. Levitate
Rank 4: Binding Threads, Juggler’s Touch
Rank 5: Mystic Shock
Rank 6: Razor Orb, Energy Shield

In Matrix
6S-Mind Dagger
6S-Energy Shield
6E-Astral Shield
6E Flame Flash

Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch,
waterskin, large sack)
Artisan Tools
Dagger (7)
Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, robe,
traveler’s cloak)
Trail Rations (3 week)
Climbing Kit 36
4 yards of rope 12
Physicians Kit: 6 refills (18 uses)
Writing kit
Hide Armor
Crystal buckler
short sword (step 4, total 10)
Booster Potion 1
Cleanse Poison
Cure Disease Potion 2
Kelix poultice
1 anti-sporific
Last Chance Salve x 2
Blood Charm: Desperate Spell
diamond surgical kit
Withering Potion
Dry Boots
Belt Pouch
Paper and parchment
Map and Scroll Case
Booster Potions: 10 (50×10)
Kelix Poutice 10 (50×10)
Kelia’s Antidote 4 (125×4)
Everclean clothes, huntsman’s boots.
Hama’s Personal Effects (staff, robes, grimoire)

Thread Item: Wand of Spellcasting
Step 1: +2 spellcasting

878 gold
1111.5 silver-95 for clothing

100 gold for going to 6th circle from the kitty, 50 from my stock.

428 gold remainining.

book, green leather, golden binding
Enter house (go straight there), retrieve book, no damage.

Personal History
Varan comes from a large Niall along the serpent river. His mother (Tegina) is the Lahala, 60 years old and still breeding. Thus, he is the 12th of 12 children (can I please make up the names as they become relevant? Please?). Of course, as a male (and the 12th kid) he has no chance whatsoever of inheriting anything ever. This is probably a good thing, because Varan is, for a T’Skrang, the quiet contemplative type. Some of his brothers became Sword-Masters or Sky Raiders. He however had more academic interests such as the natural world and medicine. Magic, being part of the natural world, was of a particular interest, and he would follow around and incessantly pester any spellcaster he could find with questions. This was less disturbing to pretty much everyone than that time when he was 12, when his mother found him dissecting a cat. At that point, realizing the familiar story with her male children was also true of her youngest son. So she packed him off to Lacertes, a distaff uncle of hers, and semi-retired wizard. It was either that or he becomes a surgeon, but she always wanted the best for her children, and what could be better than the dichotomy of dying screaming in a ditch or becoming a wizard of legend? Besides, there was no reason the two things would need to be exclusive. And they were not.
Lacertes and Varan were similar enough to get along, even though Lacertes was more tempestuous in his personality. This was never made plainer than when a long-standing academic dispute among wizards came up. Namely, whether the world was best known through observation or pure reason, Lacertes asserted observation. This was a position Varan shared. It did not help that many of the rationalist wizards were racists. So he was encouraged to know the world, and in addition to magic studied alchemy, philosophy, natural history, and medicine, absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Until the day came when it was time to go off on his own and seek his own way within that world.
Shortly thereafter, he was captured by slavers.

Mother: They don’t get along. Not because of any animosity, but they are just very different people and do not have a lot of common ground.
Siblings: Varies. Some he barely knew due to age differences and an adventuring career. Others, like his older sisters…ugh. You know how older siblings can be.
Old Master: Pretty damn close.

There’s a note that a payment was given by a number of caravan masters for animals, so you think he was selling beasts to people leaving town.
Judges Knal, Jorki, Balun, Renu Guard officers Kor, Neb, Nash, Jaltel and Yalti are listed as taking bribes.


Note: I can recognize the wizard who created that ward. I shall know him by his works, and have figured out his casting idiosyncrasies.

Annotation: 3 extra threads on juggler’s touch.

24 damage

Varan Nilotes

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