a tall and muscular human with black hair and blue eyes


Race: Human
Discipline: Weaponsmith
Circle: 2
Age: 25
Total LP: 2700
Current LP: 100
Spent LP: 2600

Dex: 15 (6)
Str: 12 (5)
Tou: 12 (5)
Per: 15 (6)
Wil: 14 (6)
Cha: 12 (5)

Physical Defense: 8
Spell Defense: 9
Social Defense: 7
Death Rating: 64
Unconsciousness: 51
Wound Threshold: 9
Recovery Test: 2

Physical Armor: 7
Mystic Armor: 2
Defection bonus: 0

Movement rate: 6
Initiative: 3

(Per}Evaluate: 5 (11)
(Per)Forge Weapon: 5 (11)
(Cha)Haggle: 5 (10)
(-)Karma Ritual: 5
(Wil)Steel Thought: 5 (11)
(Dex)Melee Weapon: 4 (9)
(-) Versalitly: 1
(Per) Item History: 5 (11)
(-) Durability: 5
(Tou) Fireblood: 3 (8)
(Dex) Airdance: 2 (8)
(Wil) Abate Curse: 5 (11)
(Cha) First Impression: 2 (8)
(Per) Thread Smithing: 5 (11)
(Cha) Heartening Laugh: 2 (7)
(Wil) Temper Self: 1 (7)
(Wil) Resist Taunt: 1 (7)

(Per)K: Politics: 1 (7)
(Per)K: Economics: 1 (7)
(Cha)A: Rune Carving: 1 (6)
L: Dwarf (Read/Write)
L: Human
(Cha) Diplomacy: 1 (6)
(Cha) Etiquette: 1 (6)
(Per) Tactics: 1 (7)
(Cha) Impress: 1 (7)
(Per) Craft Armor: 1 (7)
(Wil) Animal Handling: 1 (7)
(Dex) Sailing: 1 (7)


Tain was drinking with his bro Baln celebrating the news that his wife was pregnant with his 1st child, while in a strange city. This was a mistake as he and Baln woke up in chains. Over a couple weeks they managed to fashion rude lockpicks. However, it was completely unnecessary as Nethan was a thief and could summon lock picks made of magic itself. He mentioned that his father was wealthy and lived on the Byrose river and would reward the players if they got him home.

Since then he as been adventuring with the party in the hopes of getting home before the birth of his child.

During the fight with the Centaurs he served as a human shield for Fehl despite being disarmed during the fight. During the battle with assassins in the ruins he did better in a one on one duel with a bog gob. Still he’s clearly not up there with the warriors in terms of slugging it out yet. Baln as been working with him on his sword work, claiming the problem is his footwork. He plants himself to solidly and doesn’t move fluidly enough to hit the target. This may be due to Tain being used to hitting metal on a forge. Iron doesn’t dodge or block.

Nethan’s Notes:
Tain’s interesting. He was able to figure out that I was a liberator of precious things thanks to another adept that he was once romantically linked. Part of a long con, or just loose lips, I can’t be sure. Still, he didn’t know about some of our other tricks, which means whoever it was that he got the information from wasn’t entirely incompetent. How wealthy his family is, well, I have my doubts. If he’s telling the truth, I certainly won’t mind the reward, but if they’re a well connected trade family, well, some things are more valuable than just silver.

It may seem odd that I am interested in getting this Man back to his family and new born child, but really, that’s just some decency. I might be able to play it off as a cover, but vengeance isn’t worth costing a child their father. A greater threat, perhaps, but there’s no reason we can’t be decent to each other. There’s enough horror out here as it is.

I’d be lying though, if I didn’t point out that he’d be useful to have in our debt.


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