Nethan Montari

The Thief of Secrets, The Assassin of Lies


Name: Nethan Monteri
-Old Irongut (Cara Fahd) 1

Human Thief (Spy) Circle 5

Dex 16 Strength 13 Toughness 10 Perception 16 Willpower 11 Charisma 13
Step 7 Step 6 Step 5 Step 7 Step 5 Step 6

Combat Grid:

Physical Armor: 7 Mystic Armor: 6 Initiative Step: 7 Movement Rate: 12
Physical Defense: 11 Magic Defense: 10 Social Defense: 9
Unconsciousness: 32/39 (45) Death: 53 (55) Wound Threshold: 7 Recovery Tests/Day: 2
Melee Step: 11 Avoid Blow Step: 11 Damage Step: 14(17) Recovery Step: 5

Group Oath 2 Blood Damage
Blood Oath 4 Blood Damage (Boosting Awareness)

Karma: 11/25
Bonus Karma: 3
May Spend Karma On:
All social tests involved in deceiving the target
Initiative Tests
Attack Tests on Surprised or Blindsided targets

Discipline Talents:

Danger Sense: 5/12 Spy dire senses tingling! Strain: 1, Action: Free
Awareness: 5/12 Used when intentionally trying to spot someone or something Strain: 0, Action: Simple
Lock Picking: 5/12 Conjures telekinetic lockpicks, may retry up to Lock Picking Rank, Strain: 0, Action: Standard
First Impression: 5/11 I have heard that there is a technique called “The Smoulder”. Strain: 0 Action: Standard
Stealthy Stride: 5/12 Half Speed movement, but silent. Strain: 0, Action: Simple
Thread Weaving: 5/12 So that’s what it’s like to steal a spell….interesting. Strain: 0, Action: Standard
Disarm Trap: 5/12 It’s like picking locks, for Traps! Strain: 1, Action: Standard
Speak Language: 5/12 Hmm, a rare Windling dialect, only found in the southern serpent river Strain: 1, Action: Standard.
Conceal Object: 5/12 Armed? No, I’m not armed, why would I be? Strain: 1, Action: Standard
Engaging Banter: 1/7 You know, that’s a wonderful point you’ve made… Strain: 0, Action: Standard

Talent Options:

Melee: 3/10 Sharp end goes in other guy, got it. Strain: 0, Action: Standard
Avoid Blow: 3/10 Whoa whoa whoa! That’s dangerous! Strain: 1, Action: Free
Great Leap: 2/9 Walls? Not to worry, these walls aren’t to code. Strain: 1, Action: Free
Read/Write Language: 3/10 Can I read it? Sure,Strain: 1, Action: Standard
Suprise Strike: 2/9 Strain: 1, Action: Free
Disguise Self: 1/8 Nethan? Who’s that? My name’s Gurthag. Strain: 0, Action: Standard

Versatility: 3
|Astral Sight: 2/9|Can see into Astral Sight x20 yards (x10 Hexes). Strain: 1, Action: Simple|
|Wind Catcher: 2/7|It’s not flying, it’s falling with style! Strain: 1, Action: Standard|
|Empathic Sense: 1/7|Well I would believe you, but you just feel off. Strain: 1, Action: Standard|



Build or bypass security measures, recognize different locking mechanisms

Knowledge: 6

Barsaive History: 1/8 Trade Routes: 1/8 Military Organizations: 1/8

Artisan: 2
Acting: 1

Language: 2/1
Speak: 3

Throalic Human Orkish (+1 for understanding Horror Assassin Orkish)

Read/Write: 3

Throalic Human Orkish

General Skills:

Conversation: 1 Forgery: 2 Flirting: 1 Physician: 1 Streetwise: 2

Carried (110 lb. limit):

Item Weight Item Weight
Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, flint & steel,
torch, waterskin, large sack)
10 Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt,
breeches, traveler’s cloak)
Bedroll of Comfort 2 Dry Boots 2
Dagger (Step 2) 2 Fernweave Armor 7P/4M (+6) 15
Crystal Buckler 1PD/1MD 5
Quiet Pouch 2 Broadsword (Step 5)(+3) 4
Firefly Chalk x5 - Ork-Carved Amber Bracelet (Left Wrist) -
Heat Stone 3 Light Quartz (Small) 2
Traveller’s Mug x2 2 Healing Kit Refills x12 -
Anti-Sporific x 1 1 Booster Potion x 8 16
Cleanse Poison Potion x 2 2 Disease Remedy x 2 2
Kelix’s Poultice x 4 4 Last Chance Salve x 1 1
Salve of Closure x 1 1 Physician’s Kit XXO 3
Physician’s Kit Refills x12 12 Whistles x1 1
Dwarf Mining Rations (1 week) 5 Centuries-Old Torn Playing Card -
Banishment (Broadsword) 4 Group Journal 1
Everclean Clothes 1 Cloaksense Brooch 2
Scarless Pitons x4 4 Healing Potion x4 8
Light Bag x2 6 Dry Bag x2 6

Total Weight: 90? lbs.

On Lyda (520 lb. Limit):

Item Weight Item Weight
Forgery Kit 4 Artisan Tools (Acting Kit) 6
Grappling Hook x1 5 Rope 25 yd. x2 50
Hot Pot 8 Tent 20
Huttawa Feed x30 30 Trail Rations (2 weeks) 16
Dwarf Mining Rations (5 days) 5

Total Weight: 145 lbs.

Gold: 299
Silver: 74
Copper: 0

Total Legend Points: 28950
Spent Legend Points: 20400
Remaining Legend Points: 2550

1 Obtained when he drank Hurlg and managed to not hurl. And then did it again, and again, and again. He actually rather likes it now.


Nethan’s life before a few years ago is something he rarely speaks of, at least in ways that are truthful. There are a dozen stories for every question, and what parts are false and which are true is a mystery to all, even possibly to him. There is only one piece of evidence of his earlier years, somewhere under his skin.

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Nethan Montari

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