Nethan Montari

The Thief of Secrets, The Assassin of Lies


Name: Nethan Monteri
-Old Irongut (Cara Fahd) 1

Human Thief (Spy) Circle 6

Dex 19 Strength 13 Toughness 10 Perception 19 Willpower 11 Charisma 13
Step 8 Step 6 Step 5 Step 8 Step 5 Step 6

Combat Grid:

Physical Armor: 7 Mystic Armor: 6 Initiative Step: 7(10) Movement Rate: 12
Physical Defense: 14 Mystic Defense: 12 Social Defense: 9(10)
Unconsciousness: 46/48 (50) Death: 59 (61) Wound Threshold: 7 Recovery Tests/Day: 2(0)
Melee Step: 14 Missile Step: 14 Avoid Blow Step: 14 Melee Damage Step: 13(19) Missile Damage Step: 11(17) Recovery Step: 5

Group Oath 2 Blood Damage

Karma: 0/30
Bonus Karma: 1
May Spend Karma On:
All social tests involved in deceiving the target
Initiative Tests
Attack Tests on Surprised or Blindsided targets

Attack Sequence: Spot Armor Flaw → Attack → Surprise Strike (If) → Damage

Discipline Talents:

Danger Sense: 6/14 Spy dire senses tingling! Strain: 1, Action: Free
Awareness: 7/15(17) Used when intentionally trying to spot someone or something Strain: 0, Action: Simple
Lock Picking: 7/15 Conjures telekinetic lockpicks, may retry up to Lock Picking Rank, Strain: 0, Action: Standard
First Impression: 6/12 I have heard that there is a technique called “The Smoulder”. Strain: 0 Action: Standard
Stealthy Stride: 7/15 Half Speed movement, but silent. Strain: 0, Action: Simple
Thread Weaving: 6/14 So that’s what it’s like to steal a spell….interesting. Strain: 0, Action: Standard
Disarm Trap: 7/15 It’s like picking locks, for Traps! Strain: 1, Action: Standard
Speak Language: 7/15 Hmm, a rare Windling dialect, only found in the southern serpent river Strain: 1, Action: Standard.
Conceal Object: 6/14 Armed? No, I’m not armed, why would I be? Strain: 1, Action: Standard
Engaging Banter: 6/12 You know, that’s a wonderful point you’ve made… Strain: 0, Action: Standard
Slough Blame: 6/12 What are you doing? AFTER THEM! Strain: 1, Action: Standard

Talent Options:

Melee: 7/15 Sharp end goes in other guy, got it. Strain: 0, Action: Standard
Avoid Blow: 7/15 Whoa whoa whoa! That’s dangerous! Strain: 1, Action: Free
Great Leap: 6/14 Walls? Not to worry, these walls aren’t to code. Strain: 1, Action: Free
Read/Write Language: 6/14 Can I read it? Sure,Strain: 1, Action: Standard
Surprise Strike: 6/14 Strain: 1, Action: Free
Disguise Self: 5/13 Nethan? Who’s that? My name’s Gurthag. Strain: 0, Action: Standard
Pick Pockets: 6/14 Are you sure you had it when you left? Strange. Strain: 0, Action: Standard
Mimic Voice: 5/11 I can hear Woofy barking, is he okay? Strain: 0, Action: Simple
Book Memory: 5/10 Oh, those ledgers were destroyed, but not before I found them… Strain: 0, Action: Standard
Mystic Pursuit: 5/13 If I were being chased by me, where would I run? Strain: 2, Action: Standard
True Sight: 4/- It’s a clever enough trick, but it is precisely that. Strain: 0, Action: NA
Research: 5/13 But you don’t have to take my word for it. Strain: 0, Action: Sustained
Missile Weapons: 7/15 I waste him with my crossbow, G.A.! Strain: 0, Action: Standard
Spot Armor Flaw: 6/14 Locks and organs, both require precise pressure at the right points. Strain: 1, Action: Simple

Versatility: 4
|Astral Sight: 2/10|Can see into Astral Sight x20 yards (x10 Hexes). Strain: 1, Action: Simple|
|Wind Catcher: 4/9|It’s not flying, it’s falling with style! Strain: 1, Action: Standard|
|Empathic Sense: 4/10|Well I would believe you, but you just feel off. Strain: 1, Action: Standard|
|Tiger Spring: 4/-|Nethan, if you would please… Strain: 1, Action: Free|



Build or bypass security measures, recognize different locking mechanisms

Knowledge: 6

Barsaive History: 3/11 Trade Routes: 3/11 Military Organizations: 2/10

Artisan: 2
Acting: 4

Language: 2/1
Speak: 3

Throalic Human Orkish (+1 for understanding Horror Assassin Orkish) Elven (Talent) T’Skrang (Talent)

Read/Write: 3

Throalic Human Orkish

Group Pattern 2 (Awareness)

General Skills:

Conversation: 3 Forgery: 3 Flirting: 3 Physician: 4 Streetwise: 4

Carried (110 lb. limit):

Item Weight Item Weight
Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, flint & steel,
torch, waterskin, large sack)
10 Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt,
breeches, traveler’s cloak)
Bedroll of Comfort 2 Dry Boots 2
Dagger (Step 2) 2 Fernweave Armor 7P/4M (+6) 15
Crystal Buckler 1PD/1MD 5
Quiet Pouch 2 Broadsword (Step 5)+2 4
Firefly Chalk x5 - Ork-Carved Amber Bracelet (Left Wrist) -
Heat Stone 3 Light Quartz (Small) 2
Traveller’s Mug x2 2 Healing Kit Refills x12 -
Anti-Sporific x 1 1 Booster Potion x 4 8
Cleanse Poison Potion x 2 2 Disease Remedy x 2 2
Kelix’s Poultice x 4 4 Last Chance Salve x 1 1
Salve of Closure x 1 1 Physician’s Kit XXO 3
Physician’s Kit Refills x12 12 Whistles x1 1
Dwarf Mining Rations (1 week) 5 Centuries-Old Torn Playing Card -
Starslayer (Step 5) 4 Group Journal 1
Everclean Clothes 1 Cloaksense Brooch 2
Scarless Pitons x4 4 Healing Potion x0 (2)
Light Bag x2 6 Dry Bag x2 6

Light Crossbow (Step 4) +1 (5 weight), 60 Bolts (12 weight)

Total Weight: 90? lbs.

On Lyda (520 lb. Limit):

Item Weight Item Weight
Forgery Kit 4 Artisan Tools (Acting Kit) 6
Grappling Hook x1 5 Rope 25 yd. x2 50
Hot Pot 8 Tent 20
Huttawa Feed x30 30 Trail Rations (2 weeks) 16
Dwarf Mining Rations (5 days) 5

7 throwing knives, 4 vials of black tar like poison.
Booster Potions: 20 (Weight 40)
Cure Disease Potions: 2 (Weight 4)
Halt Illness Potion: 5 (Weight 5)
Healing Potion: 7 (Weight 14)
Kelia’s Antidote: 5 (Weight 10)
Last Chance Salve: 5 (Weight 5)
To be distributed later

Total Weight: 145 lbs.

Gold: 153
Silver: 74
Copper: 0

Total Legend Points: 123000
Spent Legend Points: 122700
Remaining Legend Points: 300

1 Obtained when he drank Hurlg and managed to not hurl. And then did it again, and again, and again. He actually rather likes it now.

Blackmail Book (Claw Ridge) (In Book Memory)


Nethan’s life before a few years ago is something he rarely speaks of, at least in ways that are truthful. There are a dozen stories for every question, and what parts are false and which are true is a mystery to all, even possibly to him. There is only one piece of evidence of his earlier years, somewhere under his skin.

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Nethan Montari

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