Foreign Swordmistress


This is a raw text version of my sheet I keep here and update every so often. The properly formated sheet I use and keep most current is in this google document. It has pictures!

Name: Kirara Buranbazi Ilahem Min-Ruatha
(Lightray Stormbreaker High-Noble of House-Ruatha)
Race: Ashuran Human
Discipline: Swordmistress, 6th Circle


Dexterity 19 (8), Strength 13 (6), Toughness 13 (6)
Perception 16 (7), Willpower 16 (7), Charisma 19 (8)

Attack & Defence

Melee Weapon 15+2, Second Weapon 15+2, Avoid 15, Riposte 15+2
Darkgleam 18, Brightburn 18, Evervictorious 13, Glaive 17
Physical Defence: 12 Mystic Defence: 9 Social Defence: 13
Physical Armour: 13 Mystic Armour: 8

Karma, Health, Speed

Karma: 20/30 (12) Recovery Tests: 1/3
Damage 9 – Wounds 0
Unconsciousness: 72 Death: 86 Wound: 9
Initiative: 8 Movement Rate: 12 yards

Discipline Abilities
Bonuses: +2 Social Defense, +1 Physical Defence, Karma on Interactions and Close Damage
Half-Magic 6 | Care for and recognize weapons, know history of legendary weapons, identify fighting styles and teachers.
Durability 7/8 (6 +2) | Permanent | Add to Uncon/Death ratings Rank times.
Size Up 6 (13) | Simple | 1 Strain | If successful against MD, ask a single question about one of the target’s traits. Like Creature Analysis, but only against Namegivers.

Discipline Talents


Melee Weapons 7 (15) | Standard | Stick them with the pointy end!

Avoid Blow 7 (15) | Simple | 1 Strain | Can’t touch this, Rank times per round.

Taunt 6 (14) | Simple | 1 Strain | For each result level vs target SD, target suffers -1 to Actions and Social Defence lasting Rank rounds.

Manoeuvre 6 (14) | Simple | 1 Strain | Per success vs target PD add +2 to PD and first close attack.

Weapon Weaving 6 (13) | Standard | Threads woven sharp as blades.

First Impression 6 (14) | Standard | When meeting a character roll vs their SD to increase their attitude by one per success. Attitude bonus fades one rank per day. Hostile acts immediately erase the impression.

Riposte 7 (15) | Free | 1 Strain | If opponent misses in close combat, may immediately Riposte vs PD as a counter attack. Only once per round.

Heartening Laugh 6 (14) | Simple | 1 Strain | Vs highest SD among opponents, +2 per success to allied SD and Wil tests against fear and intimidation effects.


Second Weapon 7 (15) | Simple | 1 Strain | Stick them with the other pointy end!

Disarm 6 (14) | Standard | Success vs PD disarms opponent, damage roll to see how many feet away the weapon lands in chosen direction. Extra success required for two-handed weapons.

Talent Options


Anticipate Blow 6 (13) | Simple | 1 Strain | If higher init, per success vs target MD add +2 to PD and first close attack.

Danger Sense 6 (14) | Free | 1 Strain | Against surprise, traps, hazards, roll vs opposing Init, success avoids harm. Detects threats within Rank x10 yards.

Speak Language 1 (8) | Orkish (Cara Fahd)

Tiger Spring 8 | Free | Strain 1 | Add Rank to Initiative.

Unarmed Combat 5 (13) | Standard | Punch them in the face!

Winning Smile 4 (12) | Standard | Each success vs target SD adds +2 to Interaction for Rank hours. Higher success may be required against members of other races, unless they have a preference for your race.

Wound Balance 7 (15) | Free | Resist Knockdown when supporting own weight.


Cobra Strike 6 (14) | Free | 2 Strain | Substitutes Init. For each success vs opposing Init, +2 to first attack.

Etiquette 4 (12) | Sustained | Roll vs DN 5+, one success for manners, two for good manners, three for excellent manners and improved attitude by one.
Lion Heart 6 (13) | Free | 1 Strain | Substitutes Willpower when resisting effects of spells, talents, or abilities.

Spot Armour Flaw 6 (13) | Simple | 1 Strain | Success vs highest of armour/target MD gives +2 to damage for Rank turns.

Versatility Talents

Versatility 3 | Learn non-Discipline talents. |

Fireblood 6 (12) | Standard | Recovery Test | Allows healing as long the character is near battle.

Tactics 5 (12) | Standard | Each success against enemy commander’s SD gives offense +1 Attack or Damage, or defence +1 to PD, MD, or SD.


Awareness 4 (11) | Simple | Find and notice shit.
Animal Handling 2 (9) | Standard | Handle animals.
Diplomacy 4 (12) | Sustained | Improves attitude one degree per success, for Rank hours.
Dancing 3 (11) | Sustained | Impress people with the art of rhythmically moving your body.
Flirting 3 (11) | Sustained | Causes people to fall for you.
Leadership 3 (11) | Sustained | Command and lead people.

Noble Brat 3 (10)
Politics 3 (10)
Speak Language 3 (10)
-Elyan (Imperial Tongue, Ashuran Human, Ashuran Trollen), Sperethiel (Ashuran), Dwarven (Throalic)
Write Language 2 (9)
-Elyan (Imperial Script), Dwarven (Throalic)

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Arms and Armour

Shashka “Darkgleam”, Dmg 9, Sz 3, Wgt 3#, Special: With Dex 15, successfully using manoeuvre harries the opponent. (flowing blade +5)

Gently curving single-edged blade of dark watered steel, with gentle curve, narrow grooves near flat edge of blade, wide central fuller, and inscribed gold cartouche on blade ricasso. Nielloed hilt decorated with etched silver and split pommel. Leather-covered wood scabbard with nielloed chape, lock and two suspension mounts with rings. Made specifically for Stormbreaker’s grip and fighting style by the greatest Weaponsmith in Ashura. The cartouche on one side reads, “I am Darkgleam, crafted by Qanyan,” and on the other, “For the hand of Stormbreaker, who Named and wields me.” The sword has been infused with elemental earth and fire to make it magically potent.

Bladechain “Brightburn”, Dmg 10, Sz 3, Wgt 3#, Special: Entangling 11, Range 2 yards (dragon-tongue +6)

Sturdy chain of bright watered steel with a short triangular blade at the head and a small mace at the tail. Both ends are decorated with enamelled gold and blued steel. Wielded much like a whip, Brightburn has been imbued with true air and water, making the weapon so light and agile that it extends and retracts with the smallest of gestures. It is usually worn wrapped around the hips or arm. Crafted by the Weaponsmith Quanyan for Stormbreaker, with a similar design to a legendary bladechain Bindenpiercer at her request.

Jambiya “Evervictorious”, Dmg 6, Sz 1, Wgt 1# (dagger +4)

Curved double-edged blade of grey finely-watered steel with shallow medial rib and gold inlay. Hilt of carved pale-green jade. Sheath of polychrome lacquered wood, with silver side panels, translucent blue enamel, and carved jade mounts. The blade bears the inscription: “The hilt of this dagger conquers the world, even though it is a handful of stone.” The third weapon made by Qaynan for Stormbreaker.

Orkish Short Glaive, Dmg 10, Sz 3, Wgt 8#, Special: +1 Damage mounted, -1 Attacks dismounted. (charge sword +5) | A sword-like blade mounted on a short pole for use on horseback.

Orkish Dagger, Dmg 3, Sz 1, Wgt 1# | Fine Cara Fahdian dagger Stormbreaker picked up in Dun’s Hold as a souvenir.

Bejeweled Sabre, Dmg 5, Sz 3, Wgt 3# (saber), Special: -1 to Attacks, +1 to Interaction Tests when dealing with someone who would be impressed by the sword.

A very shiny sword liberated from a corrupt guard captain in Claw Ridge. He tried to sneak attack Stormbreaker and found himself disarmed with his own sword at his throat. The excessive decoration suggests an impressive amount of graft of the part of its previous owner, but it throws the balance off.

Saret Quickblade’s Rapier, Dmg 7, Sz 3, Wgt 3# (sword+2)

Fine quality black hilted sword with a clamshell guard and an elegant but unassuming design. Taken as a trophy by Stormbreaker from Saret, after killing him and three assassins in a battle that proved hers the quicker blade. He was brought back to life for interrogation, and later gruesomely executed by Cara Fahd’s authorities. Stormbreaker is sad she could not say goodbye to him.

Hide of Winterjaws, Amr 13|4|2, Everclean, Wgt 30# (war hides 3|2)

A harness of lacquered hide plates bound together with oilcloth silk thread. The pelt of Winterjaws, a monstrous white wolf slewn by Stormbreaker, decorates the sides, shoulders, and back of the cuirass. Smaller strips of wolf fur adorn the helmet and inner layers of the armour’s skirt. Constructed by the legendary Weaponsmith Quaynan for Stormbreaker, it replaced a suit of armor destroyed by the beast.

Espagra-Scale Cloak, Arm 6|1|1, Everclean, Wgt 10# (+3|0) | Very shiny. Looted off a dead Crimson King Cultist in Southern Cara Fahd.

(Last Forge: May 19, TH 1510)

Serpent Pearl Brooch: +1 Mystic Armour, 1#
Ashuran Huntsman’s Boots: Keep feet warm and dry, can walk five more miles per day, 2#
Light Quartz: Illuminates a 10 yard radius around character, 2#

Ashuran Noble’s Garb (colourful robe and dress, trousers, pointed boots, veil, jewelry), Everclean, 2#
Dry Light Bag 3#
-Artisan Kit: Bells and Castanets
-Adventuring Kit (knife, bedroll of comfort, fire starter, traveller’s mug, waterskin), 8#
-Imitation Ashuran Noble’s Garb x2, (colourful robe and dress, trousers, pointed boots, veil, jewelry), Everclean, 4#
-Potions (16 Booster, 8 Healing, 7 Antidote, 5 Last Chance Salves, 3 Cure Disease, 5 Halt Illness, 4 Shinyblade), 13.75#
-Leather-bound journal and fountain pen, 2#
-Quiet Pouch (249 gold), 5#

Blood Magic
Damage: 10

Iridescent Wings of Opaline Fire: An oval disc of white opal set in electrum embedded between Stormbreaker’s shoulder blades. For 1 strain per round, it projects wings of coruscating multicoloured flame that allows her to fly with MR 16. Can only stay aloft 6 rounds. (3 Blood)

Death Cheat: On death make Recovery Test at +8, if no tests are left roll Step 8/2d6. Becomes inert after use. (3 Blood)

Twin Shaped Bone Charms: +2 bonus to Recovery Tests. Made from the bones of Winterjaws. (2 Blood)

Enthralling Features: Stormbreaker presents a vision of such heartbreaking ethereal loveliness it’s hard to keep from looking upon her. Her eyes are particularly beguiling, like deep pools of molten amber that swirl and draw the gaze to sink into them. 1 Strain grants +2 bonus to Interaction Tests where the charm may prove beneficial. (1 Blood)

Group Oath of Blood Peace: “I will take no action with intent to bring harm upon any who call ourselves The Unbroken, nor knowingly allow harm to befall any of our number.” (2 Blood)

Fulfilled Blood Promise: “I will do my utmost to clear the name of the Unbroken of the false allegations levied against us in Claw Ridge, and will not leave city limits until then.” +2 Durability (2 Blood, Permanent)

Legend Points
120,800 /123,000

Discipline Talents
Initiate: Melee Weapons 7 (4700), Avoid Blow 7 (4700), Taunt 6 (2900), Manoeuvre 6 (3200) Thread Weaving 6 (3200)

Novice: First Impression 6 (3200), Riposte 7 (5300), Heartening Laugh 6 (3200)

Journeyman: Second Weapon 7 (8600), Disarm 6 (5200)

Talent Options
Novice: Acrobatic Defense 0 (0), Anticipate Blow 6 (3200), Danger Sense 6 (3200), Distract 0 (0), Impressive Display 0 (0), Speak Language 1 (100), Tiger Spring 8 (8700), Unarmed Combat 5 (1900), Winning Smile 4 (1100), Wound Balance 7 (5300)

Journeyman: Cobra Strike 6 (5200), Engaging Banter 0 (0), Etiquette 4 (200), Gliding Stride 0 (0), Graceful Exit 0 (0), Lasting Impression 0 (0), Lion Heart 6 (5200), Spot Armor Flaw 6 (5200), Sprint (0), Swift Kick (0)

Novice: Versatility 3 (600)

Journeyman: Fireblood 6 (5200)
Journeyman: Tactics 5 (3100)

Awareness 4 (1800), Diplomacy 4 (800), Write Language 2 (300), Flirting 3 (800), High Noble Brat 3 (1000), Animal Handling 2 (500), Leadership 3 (1600)

Thread Magic
Darkgleam 2: 800
Brightburn 2: 800
Hide of Winterjaws 2: 800

Dexterity +3 (4200)
Strength +2 (2100)
Toughness +2 (2100)
Perception +3 (4200)
Willpower +3 (4200)
Charisma +3 (4200)


A young woman with a fencer’s build, she is slightly tall, pale skinned, dark haired, and amber eyed, with attractive looks and charming demeanour. Buranbazi is not from Barsaive, having only recently come from across the sea. She hails from Ashur, a Kingdom extending from the southern coasts of the Aras Sea into the Land of Four Rivers. A stranger in a strange land, her exotic clothes, armour, and weapons, foreign manner of speech, and unusual ways are all largely unknown in Barsaive beyond the shores of the Aras, where the Ashurans come in their sea and air ships to trade.

Of her features, perhaps most striking is her veiled face, normally kept so in the custom of the noble women of Ashur. To Buranbazi, the veil is an expression of privilege and power, as well as a link to her distant home. Yet though her face is veiled, her emotions are not, for Buranbazi’s eyes are wide and expressive, her voice clear and rich in tone, and her body language distinct and flamboyant. Even her smile shines and sparkles on her eyes as clearly as it would on her lips.

Buranbazi’s unusual Name, Stormbreaker in the Ashuran tongue, comes from the circumstances surrounding her birth. Just as her mother entered labour pains, a fiercely violent storm suddenly rose up and roared through the region. The storm continued to rage all through the birth, working great havoc upon the surroundings. Then, as the baby girl’s birth cries pierced through the night, the storm suddenly broke. In light of such portents, most families might have cast out the child or gone to a seer, but the Zirbats are not most families. Her father merely suggested the newborn be Named Stormbringer, but judging it too ominous, her mother instead chose to Name their daughter Stormbreaker.

Years later, the now adolescent girl arrived in Barsaive at the port of Urupa with light baggage, a couple of retainers, and a considerable purse. Ashur keeps a small permanent presence in the city, and has built an imposing fortress-like embassy within its walls, making it a good place for a young Ashuran to get used to the people and customs of Barsaive. Unfortunately a bold and adventurous teenager with considerable money and inconsiderable supervision, in an exotic foreign city, will behave in a predictably profligate fashion. It did not take long for Buranbazi to dismiss her retainers and cheerfully drink, smoke, and gamble away all her coin. This did not dampen her spirits in the slightest, and neither did being cast in chains after losing at high-stakes gambling with the local smuggler’s boss. Now that she’s free, the the young aristocrat looks forward to adventure and excitement in the lands of Barsaive.


Earthdawn: Down the River Lirio